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Petras Rusys ( Peter )
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Hi my name is Petras Rusys ( Peter ). I started my fitness journey as a skinny guy who wanted to build some muscle and get stronger. As the time went by and I kept pushing myself, I realised I am not growing as much as my friends. This made me dig deeper in to understanding how muscle works , the techniques of the exercises and nutrition. I delved in to scientific research to find all the smallest nuances that might help me to reach my goals and in the process it gave me huge amount of knowledge that I want to share with my clients. 


If you interested in gaining muscle, getting stronger , dialing your diet and loosing body fat, you came to the right place.



We had a tough but rewarding cardio workout with Alan. Still suffering slightly, but good pain, so they tell us!! It is a fab gym with top class personal trainers getting the best out of you. It has worked wonders for our fitness levels, toned us up and dropped a dress size or 2. Alan is always so helpful and makes it fun at the same time


Great session with Alan. I left feeling like I had worked hard. Such a friendly place and I love going!


I couldn’t give you guys anything but 5*! I have been training with Alan and I have to say, the guy is amazing. Not only has he helped me with my training needs, but also my diet and most importantly my self-confidence. He always pushes me to the next level in my sessions, whilst having a laugh at the same time! I cannot thank him enough for how much he has helped me.


Didn’t think I would, but I have really enjoyed my training sessions with Alan – feeling fitter and healthier. I would recommend Verite Fitness to anyone wanting to change to a healthier lifestyle


For the past 2 years, I have training at Verite Fitness. Coming in, I considered myself to be relatively fit as I did quite a lot of running, although, I felt I needed additional inspiration.

I found the training provided by Alan extremely informative. I was advised to add more variety and weight training into my workouts to help me build more muscle. This, along with advice on nutrition and calories I should consume based on my height and activity level, gave me the extra push I needed, as well as help me feel fitter and more toned.

As someone who has a gym class phobia, I nervously gave the Verite bootcamp classes a try. This was a great decision as I do morning classes now whenever I can. The classes are a small group of friendly people, all of differing fitness levels. The classes change each week during the 6 week course, offering plenty of diversity in each session.

I have really felt the benefits from the expert advice I’ve been given, and recommend Verite Fitness to all, including gymphobe’s like me!


It has always been my ambition to join the Police, although passing the strength test was holding me back. Having failed twice it was my last chance to really be proactive and give myself the best chance to pass, so I got in touch with Alan Fitton. Through his professional guidance and support during my personal training sessions, I have now achieved my goal. In a relatively short space of time, I went from very little upper body strength to being able to exceed the police test requirements. Our sessions were always fun, always different and extremely motivational. Alan helped to build my confidence and make me believe in my ability to pass. I now have a real passion for weight training and pushing myself to be the best I can be. Alan has helped me not only to physically change shape but to also change my outlook on leading a healthy lifestyle and training in general. I would 100% recommend Alan to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals.

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